Characteristics of a good Steam Boiler

Characteristics of a good steam boiler:

A good steam boiler should have the following characteristics:
    ⬥It should have maximum steam generation rate with minimum fuel consumption.
    It should be economical to install
    It should required little attention during operation.
    It should rapidly meet the fluctuation of load.
Steam Boiler

    It should be capable of quick starting or quick shut down.
    It should be light in weight. 
    It should occupy a small floor space.
    It should be free from manufacturing defects.
    All parts or joints should be few and accessible for cleaning and inspection.
    It should have high rate of heat transfer and better combustion efficiency. 
    Its initial cost, running and maintenance cost should be low.
    The boiler should have reliable controls and safety apparatus.
    The mud and other deposits should not collect on the heating plates.
    The refractory material should be reduced to a minimum.
    The tubes should not accumulate soot or water deposits. 

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