Competitive Written Exam Questions for Mechanical Engineering Students

Competitive Written Exam Questions for Mechanical Engineering Students: 

Written Exam Questions for Mechanical Engineering

👉👉 Define boiler mountings and accessories with examples

Boiler Mountings: 
                               These are the fittings, which are mounted or installed on the boiler for its safe and proper functioning. There are many boiler mountings which are mounted on the boiler. A list of boiler mountings are given below:

          ০ Water Level Indicator
          ০ Pressure Gauge
          ০ Safety Valve
          ০ Steam Stop Valve
          ০ Blow off cock
          ০ Feed check valve
          ০ Fusible plug

Boiler Accessories: 
                               These are the devices which are used as integral parts of a boiler and help in running efficiently. A list of boiler accessories are given below:

          𒐀 Feed Pump
          𒐀 Super Heater
          𒐀 Economizer
          𒐀 Air Preheater
          𒐀 Injector

  • Define fouling factor? How it is done in design?
  • Draw temperature profile for parallel & counter flow heat exchanger. 
  • Write Bernoulli’s equations for real fluid. Is if it valid for non Newtonian fluid. Give examples for non Newtonian fluid. 
  • Define one ton of refrigeration.
  • Define Coefficient of Performance (COP).
  • Calculate load factor & capacity factor for the following data, Plant capacity 100 MW, peak load 950 MW, plant average production 97600 MW-hr/month. 
  • Draw P-V & T-S diagram of Carnot Cycle and Stirling cycle. 
  • A engine has bore 80 mm, stroke 100 mm, Calculate the clearance volume & air standard efficiency of the engine. 
  • Draw schematic diagram of closed gas turbine with  inter-cooling & reheating. Also draw T-S diagram. 
  • What is priming? How it is done?

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