Difference between Science, Engineering & Technology

  • Science is the body of knowledge of the physical and natural worlds
  • Science seeks to describe and understand the natural world and its physical properties.
  • Science uses varied approaches - scientific methods such as controlled experiments or longitudinal observations studies- to generate knowledge.
  • Scientific knowledge can be used to make predictions.
  • Engineering is  the application of knowledge in order to design and maintain technologies.
  • Engineering seeks solutions for societal problems, needs and wants.
  • Engineering approaches - for examples, engineering design processes or engineering analyses - to produce and evaluate solutions and technologies.
  • Engineering aims to produce the best solutions given resources and constraints.
  • Technology is the body of knowledge, systems, processes and artifacts that results from engineering.
  • Technology can be used to describe almost anything made by humans to solve a problem or meet a need.
  • Technology results from the process of engineering.
  • Technologies are anything made by humans to fill a need or desire.

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