Schematic diagram of a Steam Boiler

Steam Boiler:

A steam boiler is a closed vessel in which steam is produced from water by combustion of fuel. The steam must be safely delivered in desired condition (as regard its pressure, temperature, quality and required rate).

Schematic diagram of a Steam Boiler

A Steam Boiler Consists of many integral parts (Mountings & Accessories) for its proper & safe functioning which are follows:

    ☛ Boiler Mountings:
        i) Water level indicator
        ii) Pressure gauge
        iii) Safety valve
        iv) Steam Stop valve
        v) Blow off cock
        vi) Feed check valve
        vii) Fusible plug
    ☛ Boiler Accessories:
        i) Feed pump
        ii) Super heater
        iii) Economiser
        iv) Air Preheater
        v) Injector 

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