Mechanical Engineering MCQ Type Exam Questions (SGFCL-2010)

Mechanical Engineering Written Exam Questions (MCQ Type)

Sylhet Gas Field Company Limited (SGFL) 

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Questions:

    1. Continuity equation deals with the
            (i) Conservation of mass
           (ii) Conservation of momentum
          (iii) Conservation of energy

    2. Which is not a boiler mounting?
            (i) Safety Valve
           (ii) Super heater
          (iii) Water level indicator
          (iv) Pressure relief valve

    3. When dry bulb temp and wet bulb temp are same?
            (i) RH=100%
           (ii) RH=90%
          (iii) RH=10%
          (iv) None

    4. Rota meter measures
            (i) Velocity
           (ii) Flow rate
          (iii) Discharge

    5. Gear size is measured by,
            (i) Pitch circle diameter
           (ii) Circular pitch

    6. Positive Displacement pump is a
            (i) Reciprocating pump
           (ii) Centrifugal pump
          (iii) Axial pump

    7. In IC engine which part is considered as a column
            (i) Piston
           (ii) Connecting Rod
          (iii) Crank shaft

    8. Compression ratio for diesel engine varies:
            (i) 5-10
           (ii) 10-15
          (iii) 15-20
          (iv) 20-25

    9. Air Conditioning means
            (i) Cooling & humidify
           (ii) Heating & dehumidify
          (iii) Quality air supply
          (iv) All

    10. If the springs are divided into two parts, the stiffness of the spring will be
            (i) Double
           (ii) Same
          (iii) Half
          (iv) None

    11. The ratio of longitudinal stress to hoop stress is
            (i) 0.5
           (ii) 2
          (iii) 1
          (iv) None

    12. A solid shaft is subjected to twisting moment, the stress in each cross-section will be
            (i) Tensile stress
           (ii) Bending
          (iii) Shear
          (iv) Compression

    13. Orifice meter measures
            (i) Flow rate
           (ii) Both flow rate & velocity
          (iii) Velocity
          (iv) None

    14. Flywheel is used in IC engine
            (i) To reduce engine fluctuation
           (ii) To reduce engine speed

    15. Surge tank is used for
            (i) For uniform water supply
           (ii) To save the pipe from water hammer

    16. In our country most of the power produced by
            (i) Steam turbine
           (ii)  Gas turbine
          (iii) Wind turbine

    17. Frictional loss of elbow is compared to bend is
            (i) More
           (ii) Less
          (iii) Equal
          (iv) None

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