Mechanical Engineering Written Exam Questions (SGFCL-2010)

Mechanical Engineering Written Exam Questions (SGFCL-2010)
Mechanical Engineering Written Exam Questions
∎ Draw stress-Strain curve for a ductile materials and show the yield strength, Ultimate strength, breaking strength. 
∎ A point load P is applied at the midpoint of a simply supported beam of length L, Draw shear force and bending moment diagram and also show the peak values. 
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∎ Write down the Bernoulli’s equation for both ideal and real fluid. 
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∎ Write down the function of Economizer and safety valve
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∎ A steel rod of length 100 cm; cross-sectional area 1 cm2 is subjected to a pull 2000 kgf. What is the elongation? use E=200 GPa.
∎ A ice plant produce 100 ton ice in 24 hours. The Plant use 200C water to produce ice. What is the cooling capacity of the plant if specific heat of water 4.2 x 103 J/Kg.K & latent heat of ice 334 KJ/Kg.
∎ A pump has to raise water to a high of 100 ft at a discharge of 2 cusec. If the efficiency is 62%. What is the horse power of the pump?
∎ Draw the Performance curve of a centrifugal pump.
∎ How do you identify petrol engine and diesel engine? See Answer 

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