Feed Check Valve ~ Boiler Mountings

Feed Check valve:

Functions of a feed check valve:

    ➠ To allow the feed water to pass/enters into the boiler.
    ➠ To prevent the back flow of water from the boilerwhen the feed pump pressure is less than boiler pressure or pump is stopped by using of a non return valve.

Constructions of a feed check valve:

    ➠ The feed check valve is fitted in to the water space of the boiler just below the normal level of the water. 
    ➠ It consist of a non-return valve, water inlet pipe, outlet pipe, spindle, wheel and  gland as shown in figure. 
    ➠ The outlet pipe of valve is connected with the delivery pipe of feed pump.
Working Principle of a feed check valve:

    ➠ Inlet and outlet pipe of valve expose different pressure.
    ➠ At the inlet of valve the  feed pump pressure acts and outlet pipe of the valve the boiler pressure acts. When the feed pump is in operation.
    ➠ The pressure on the feed pump side (inlet) is more than pressure on the boiler side (outlet).
    ➠ This pressure difference lifts the non return valve and allows water flow into boiler.

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