Fire Tube Boiler

Fire Tube Boiler:
  • In fire tube boiler, the hot gases passes through the tubes and boiler feed water in the shell side is converted into steam. 
  • Fire tube boilers are generally used for relatively small steam capacities and low to medium steam pressure. 
  • Fire tube boilers are competitive for steam generation rated up to 12,000 Kg/hour and pressures up to 10 Kg/cm2.
  • The fire tube boilers are available for operation with oil/liquid, gaseous or solid fuels. For economic reasons, now a days most fire tube boilers are of packaged construction for all fuels.
Working principle of fire tube boiler:
  • In fire tube boiler, the fuel is burnt inside a furnace.
  • The hot gases produced in the furnace then passes through the fire tubes. The fire tubes are immersed in water inside the main vessels of the boiler.
  • The heat energy of the gasses is transferred to the water surrounds them.
  • As a result steam is generated in the water and naturally comes up and is stored upon the water in the same vessel of fire tube boiler.
  • The steam is then taken out from the steam outlet for utilizing for required purpose. The water is fed into the boiler through the feed water inlet.

Types of Fire tube Boiler:
  • Simple vertical boiler
  • Cochran boiler
  • Lancashire boiler
  • Locomotive boiler
  • Cornish boiler
  • Scotch marine boiler
  • Velcon boiler

Advantages of fire tube boiler: 
  • The water is supplied in shell and outside tubes while hot gas is supplied inside tubes so the water volume can not be shaken easily when the fire tube boiler is running.
  • It is so easy to use, operate, clean and maintain
  • It can be used in small scale industries.
  • It is relatively cheaper than water tube boiler. 

Disadvantages of fire tube boiler: 
  • From the furnace combustion side, required time to fill water is longer than to increase temperature and pressure.
  • The efficiency of heat transfer (heat transfer efficiency) is bad enough because of the heat exchanger does not use thermal radiation.
  • It may cause serious accident, if a large amount of hot water and steam have been accumulated inside (leakage occur). 
  • The fire tube boiler can not produce steam at a high pressure.
  • Steam generation capacity is limited.

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