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Boiler Mountings:

Boiler Mountings are the fittings, which are mounted or installed on the boiler for its safe and proper functioning. There are many boiler mountings which are mounted on the boiler. Fusible Plug is one of the boiler mountings. Below shows the functions, position, constructions & working principle of a fusible plug in a boiler.
Fusible Plug
Fusible Plug

Functions of a fusible plug:

    ➦ It is very important safety device of a steam boiler, which protects the fire tube boiler against overheating. 

Locations of a Fusible plug:

    ➦ It is located just above the furnace in the boiler. It consists of gun metal plug fixed in a gun metal body with fusible molten metal. 

Constructions of a Fusible plug:

    ➦ It is fitted on the fire box brown plate or over the combustion chamber. 
    ➦ The fusible plug consists of two hollow guns and one conical plug shown as figure. 
    ➦ A hollow gun metal body is screwed to the fire box crown plate of boiler. 
    ➦ Another hollow gun metal is screwed to the first body. 
    ➦ Third plug is made from copper is locked with the second plug by pouring metal in to the grooves provided on the both plugs.

Working Principles of a Fusible plug:

    ➦ In normal working condition, the upper surface of fusible plug is covered with water which keeps the temperature of the plug below its melting point while other end of plug is exposed to fire or hot gases. 
    ➦ The low melting point (tin or lead) does not melt till the upper surface of plug is submerged in water. 
    ➦ But in case of water level in boiler falls below the danger levels, the fusible plug uncovered by the water and get exposed to steam. 
    ➦ This overheats the plug and the fusible metal having low melting point which melts quickly. 
    ➦ Thus the third plug drops down and second hollow gun became open, the steam rushes into the furnace and puts out the fire (stop). 

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