Pressure Gauge ~ Boiler Mountings

Functions of a Pressure Gauge:
    → It indicates the pressure of steam inside in boiler
Constructions of Pressure Gauge:

    → The gauge is usually mounted on the front top side of the shell or on the drum
    → It is having dial which graduated to read pressure in bar, above atmosphere.
    → A Bourdon tube gauge with its interior mechanism is shown in figure. 
    → The circular bent bourdon tube of oval-cross section is close at one end and connected at the other end to steam space of boiler through siphon (U-tube). 
    → The siphon is filled with water which prevents hot steam from entering the pressure gauge and keeps the gauge cool. 
    → Closed end of bourdon tube is attached to a toothed quadrant with help of link and pin. This quadrant meshes with a small pinion on the central spindle.

Pressure Gauge
Bourdon tube type pressure gauge

Working Principle of a Pressure Gauge:

    → When pressure is applied to inside of oval bourdon tube, its cross section tends to becomes circular, and free end of bourdon tube try to becomes straight, so turning the spindle by the links and gearing. 
    → This causes the needle to move and indicate pressure on graduated dial.

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