Reversible Process

Reversible Process:
  • A reversible process is defined as a process that can be reversed without leaving any trace on either system or surroundings.
  • This is possible if the net of heat and net work exchange between the system and the surrounding is zero for the combined process (original and reverse).
  • Reversible processes actually do not occur in nature.

Some reversible processes:
  • Constant volume and constant pressure heating and cooling - the heat given to change the state can be rejected back to regain the state.
  • Isothermal and adiabatic processes - the work derived can be used to compress it back to the original state.
  • Elastic expansion/compression (springs, rubber bands).
    Reversible Process
Reversible Cycle:
  • A cycle will be reversible if all the processes constituting the cycles are reversible. Thus in a reversible cycle, the initial conditions are restored at the end of the cycle.

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