Water Level Indicator ~ Boiler Mountings

Water Level Indicator:

Functions of a water level indicator in Boiler:
    ➠ It indicate the water level inside the boiler vessel. It shows the level in the boiler drum.

Constructions of a water level indicator:
    ➠ Normally two water level indicator are fitted into the boiler.
    ➠ These are fitted at the front end side of every boiler.
    ➠ Water level indicator consists of three cock as steam cock, water cock, drain cock and glass tube.
    ➠ The steam  cock connect or disconnects the glass tube with steam space.
    ➠ The water cock  connect or disconnect the glass tube with water in the boiler.
    ➠ The drain cock is used to drain out the water in from glass tube at interval to ensure that the steam and water cock are clear in operation.
    ➠ The glass tube protected by means of a cover which is specially made.
Water Level Indicator
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Working Principles of a water level Indicator:

    ➠ When steam cock and water cock opened, steam rushes from upper passage and water rushed from lower from passage to the glass tube. 
    ➠ This will indicate the level of water in the boiler. 
    ➠ Two ball are places at the junction of metal tube. Under normal operating condition the ball are kept. 
    ➠ Full line circle in case the glass tube is broken, steam will rushes from upper passage and water from lower passage due to pressure difference between boiler pressure at atmospheric  pressure.
    ➠ The ball are carrier along the passage to and of glass tube and then closed passages. 
    ➠ This position of ball sown in fig by dotted circle. Thus flow of water and steam out of boiler is prevented. 

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