Heating Value of a Gas

The Heating Value of a Gas:

Heating Value

✔ The heating value of a gas is defined as the thermal energy per unit volume of the gas. 
✔ It is expressed in Btu/ft3
✔ For natural gas, it is approximately in the range of 900 to 1200 Btu/ft3
✔ There are two heating values used in the industry. These are the lower heating value (LHV) and higher heating value (HHV). 
✔ For a gas mixture, the term gross heating value is used. 
✔ It is calculated based upon the heating values of the component gases and their mole fractions using the following equation:

Hm = Σ(yiHi)


          Hm = Gross heating value of Mixture, Btu/ft3
          yi  = Mole fraction or percent of gas component, i
          H= Heating Value of gas component, Btu/ft3

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