Classification of Internal Combustion (I.C) Engines

Internal Combustion (I.C) Engines are classified according to
  • Nature of thermodynamic cycles as
               - Otto cycle engine
               - Diesel cycle engine
               - Dual combustion cycle engine
  • Type of the fuel used
               - Petrol/gaseous engine
               - Diesel engine
               - Bi fuel engine
  • Number of stroke as
               - Four stroke engine
               - Two stroke engine
  • Method of ignition as 
               - Spark ignition engine (known as SI engine)
               - Compression ignition engine (known as CI engine)
  • Number of cylinder as
               - Single cylinder engine
               - Multi cylinder engine
  • Position of the cylinder as
               - Horizontal engine
               - Vertical engine 
               - Vee engine
               - In line engine
               - Opposed cylinder engine
  • Method of cooling as
               - Air cooled engine
               - Water cooled engine

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