Objectives of heat treatment

The main objectives of heat treatment as follows:
  • to increase strength, hardness and wear resistance (bulk hardening, surface hardening)
  • to increase ductility and softness (tempering, re-crystallization annealing)
  • to increase toughness (tempering, re-crystallization annealing)
  • to obtain fine grain size (re-crystallization annealing, full annealing, normalizing)
  • to remove internal stresses induced by differential deformation by cold working, non-uniform cooling from high temperature during casting and welding (stress relief annealing)
  • to improve machineability (full annealing and normalizing)
  • to improve cutting properties of tool steels (hardening and tempering)
  • to improve surface properties (surface hardening, corrosion resistance-stabilizing treatment and high temperature resistance-precipitation hardening, surface treatment)
  • to improve electrical properties (re-crystallization, tempering, age hardening) 
  • to improve magnetic properties (hardening, phase transformation)

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