Thermodynamic Systems

    ➠ The thermodynamic system (or simply known as system) may be broadly defined as a definite area or space where some thermodynamic process is taking place. 
    ➠ It may be noted that a thermodynamics system has its boundaries and anything outside the boundaries is called surroundings.
    ➠ A system is a finite quantity or a prescribed region of space.


     The actual or imaginary area enclosing the system is called boundary of the system
     The boundary may be fixed or it may move as and when a system containing a gas is compressed or expanded. 
     The boundary may be real or imaginary.
     It is not difficult to see a real boundary but an an example of imaginary boundary would be one drawn around a system consisting of the fresh mixture about to enter the cylinder of an I.C Engine together with the remnants of the last cylinder charge after the exhaust process.

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