Types of Beam

What is Beam?
    → A beam is a structural member which is primarily subjected to a system of external loads that act transverse to its axis. 
    → The forces in the longitudinal direction and twisting moments about the longitudinal axis may act in addition to transverse loading.
    → A beam is therefore different from a bar in tension or a bar in compression because of the direction of loads acting on it. 
    → A beam has a characteristic feature that internal forces called shear forces and the internal moments called bending moments are developed in it, to resists the external loads. 
    → Many shafts of machines act as beams. 
    → The beams may be straight or curved. 
    → The actual installation of a straight beam may be vertical, inclined or horizontal. 
    → But, for convenience the beams discussed here will be shown in horizontal position. 
    → For the beams the distance (L) between the supports is called a span. 


Classification of beams:

        The beams may be classified in several ways, but the commonly used classification is based on support conditions. On this basis the beams can be divided into six types: 

    → Cantilever beam
    → Overhanging beam
    → Propped beam
    → Fixed beam
    → Continuous beam

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