Automobiles related important Abbreviations

Automobiles related important Abbreviations:

    Automobile Engineering Abbreviations
    Automobile Engineering Abbreviations 

  • DOHC--Double overhead camshaft
  • SOHC--Single overhead camshaft
  • HCCI--Homogeneous charge compression ignition
  • ABS--Anti lock braking system
  • VTEC--Variable valve timing and lift electronic control
  • VVT-i--Variable valve timing with intelligence
  • VVTL-i--Variable valve timing and lift with intelligence
  • i-VTEC--Intelligent variable valve timing and lift electronic control
  • ACT--Air charge temperature
  • MFI--Multi-port fuel injection
  • CFI--Continuous fuel injection
  • DGI--Direct gasoline injection
  • PFI--Port fuel injection
  • ECM--Electronic Control module
  • EEC--Electronic engine control
  • EFI--Electronic fuel injection
  • EMI--Electromagnetic interference
  • SBS--Supercharge bypass solenoid
  • HCM--Heating control module
  • GPS--Global positioning system
  • VECI--Vehicle emission control information
  • VES--Variable effort steering
  • VTSS--Vehicle theft security system
  • VTA--Vehicle theft alarm

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